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Exploring Different Linux Distributions

Linux, an open-source operating system kernel, forms the foundation of a multitude of distributions, commonly referred to as distros.

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How to Create Your First Node.js Application

When you create applications using Node.js, the source code of that application is contained in one or more files.

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Comparing JavaScript Libraries: How to Choose the Right Tool for Your Project

JavaScript, the backbone of web development, offers a plethora of libraries catering to diverse needs.

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What Are the Principles of Functional Programming?

Functional programming, like other programming paradigms, follows different principles or has special characteristics. These are essentially as...


How to Create a Matching Program with Python

It’s a common problem, especially on the web, to validate entered form data and to filter out the important information from the input.

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What Are the Gestalt Principles?

What happens when design and perception come together?


5 Python Modules for Scientific Computing

Let’s take a look at the capabilities and features of the module concept in Python; we’ll describe five scientific computing modules in a...

What Is?

What Are the Most Popular Scripting Languages?

In purely formal terms, scripting languages differ from other, “higher-level” programming languages in that the code is interpreted.


Compiling and Testing Your First Java Program

In this blog post, we’ll use the Java compiler and interpreter from the command line. The examples are based on Windows.


How to Create Your First Python Program

As an introduction to programming with Python, let's create a small sample program—the Guessing Numbers game.


Characteristics of Alpine Linux

To keep Alpine Linux as lean as possible, its developers have chosen different components from those that are commonly used in “big” Linux libraries.