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What Is Azure DevOps?

Azure DevOps is Microsoft’s offering for companies to conduct modern software development with continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD) and a dash of project management.

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Virtual Environments for Python Programming

The pip package manager makes it easy to install third-party Python modules along with their dependencies.


What Is a Spring Container?

At the heart of a Spring application is a special data structure, the Spring container (container for short). The objects that this container manages...


How to Generate a File Object in Python

A file object in Python can be created using the built-in open function.

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What Is the Double Diamond Model in Design Projects?

The Double Diamond model is another ideal approach to human-centered design projects. This model was developed in 2005 by the British Design Council ...


Using TaskExecutor in Spring

The asynchronous operations in the background must be executed by one entity. This is the job of an executor.


Learning to Program with Git Support

Imagine you want to learn Python (or any other language). Over the course of a few weeks, you try out new functions and create various small sample...


Docker Commands for Administration Purposes

This blog post provides an initial overview of docker commands you can use for the administration of your Docker system.

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What Is React?

React is a library for implementing web frontends. However, React only covers the view layer—that is, the representation of the user interface.


The Basic Principle of Using CSS

To use the CSS principle so that it makes sense, you should first create the HTML document with logical and semantic HTML elements.


Git’s Significance in Software Development

In modern software development, collaboration among developers and efficient tracking of codebase changes pose significant challenges.