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Comparing JavaScript Libraries: How to Choose the Right Tool for Your Project

JavaScript, the backbone of web development, offers a plethora of libraries catering to diverse needs.

What Are the Principles of Functional Programming?

Functional programming, like other programming paradigms, follows different principles or has special characteristics. These are essentially as...

What Are the Gestalt Principles?

What happens when design and perception come together?

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Exploring a Simple HTML Document Framework

The basic framework of an HTML document roughly consists of three parts, as you can see in this figure.

How to Integrate CSS into HTML

There are several ways to associate CSS style statements with an HTML document. Strictly speaking, you have three options at your disposal.

The Basic Principle of Using CSS

To use the CSS principle so that it makes sense, you should first create the HTML document with logical and semantic HTML elements.

How to Make Web Tables Accessible for Everyone

Basically, the HTML elements available for defining tables are semantic elements.

Tools for Full Stack Developers

For web application development, you need the right tools to make your work easier. Without the right tools, development would be a lot more time...