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Exploring Different Linux Distributions

Linux, an open-source operating system kernel, forms the foundation of a multitude of distributions, commonly referred to as distros.

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What Is?

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In Spring, the Spring Expression Language (SpEL) provides a powerful syntax for querying and manipulating objects at runtime.

What Is?

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The Ethics of Hacking: When Shouldn't You Hack?

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How Low-Code/No-Code Development Empowers Innovation

In the ever-evolving landscape of software development, a revolutionary approach has emerged—low-code/no-code development.


Playgrounds for Using the React Library

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Installation Variants for Linux

There are various ways to install Linux. This blog post provides an initial overview of installation media, installers, and installation locations.


Detecting Malicious Code in Microsoft 365

In Microsoft 365, Exchange Online provides a solid signature-based basic email protection with Exchange Online Protection (EOP).