Exploring a Simple HTML Document Framework

The basic framework of an HTML document roughly consists of three parts, as you can see in this figure.

How to Integrate CSS into HTML

There are several ways to associate CSS style statements with an HTML document. Strictly speaking, you have three options at your disposal.

The Basic Principle of Using CSS

To use the CSS principle so that it makes sense, you should first create the HTML document with logical and semantic HTML elements.

How to Make Web Tables Accessible for Everyone

Basically, the HTML elements available for defining tables are semantic elements.

How to Create Link-Sensitive Graphics Like Image Maps with HTML

Link-sensitive graphics (also called image maps) are just links embedded within a graphic. Such an image map defined in HTML consists of three parts.

How to Get Started with HTML for Web Design

Beginners often wonder what is needed to create web pages and learn HTML. This post will answer that question.

Twelve-Factor App Principles for Developers

As web applications became popular in the past two decades, many best practices and principles have emerged to develop and maintain web applications,...